On-board Information System

The system consists of a set of internal and external LED and LCD boards, displaying information about consecutive stops, route and other messages coming from the carrier and urban transport management.



The system allows playback of audio messages - the name of current and next stop, convenient transfer suggestions, changes on the route and others.

By integrating the system with SNRP VFMS, it is possible to expand system's functionality with following features:

  • displaying predefined text and graphic messages on demand (e.g. a warning about traffic jams);
  • automatic playback of the information regarding changes in the public transport operation - systematically or selectively in predefined city locations using GPS positions;
  • playback of audio messages sent from the dispatch center by voice announcement system in the tram.


The system receives information about timetables and current GPS position from the on-board computer. The data is transmitted to a computer wirelessly each time the vehicle leaves the depot. The system is completely maintenance-free and requires no action taken from the driver.