Radio Communication Networks


Our company offers designing, equipment delivery, installation, development and maintenance of analog and digital (TETRA, WiFi) radio communication systems. We also provide comprehensive realization or modernization services of VHF/UHF dispatch radio communication systems with range of up to 50 km from base station, depending on the land formation and operating frequency.


Our offer includes:
  • analysis of customer requirements
  • realization based on precise technical project
  • propagation projects and schematics for future radio sites
  • help for customers in obtaining a radio communication licence in local Radio Communications Authority
  • delivery, shipment and preparing equipment for our customers
  • testing and measuring of clients site
  • service and maintenance
  • RF system components:
    - low noise amplifiers
    - splitters
    - combiners
    - duplexers
    - railway certified antennas for vehicles


WLAN networks


Radio technology used for data transmission in local area networks allows fast, efficient and secure construction of backbone networks as well as solve "last mile problem". There is also possibility for connecting existing cable installations, building networks in tough areas or quick building temporary networks.

Network consists of radio cards mounted in client stations and access points. Client stations use adapters with appropriate interfaces (internal or external), such as: USB, CompactFlash, PCI, ExpressCard, PC Card (PCMCIA). Access point is an integrated device which supervises network traffic in specified area and allows connecting to backbone cable and radio network.


Our offer includes:

Wide range of services including analysis, design, implementation and testing of networks based on Wi-Fi standards (802.11):

  • coverage planning and determining base network parameters: requested bit rate, number and location of access points, channel selection and radio transmitters' power levels,
  • selection and installation of products with required characteristics (including access points and antennas),
  • adjustment of network performance based on user requirements,
  • ensuring required level of security.


Networks we design:
  • typical topology networks - independent access points connected wiredly to the main network,
  • modern mesh networks - access points connected wirelessly to other access points and to the main network.


We implement networks in various environments:
  • indoor (offices, factory halls, stores),
  • outdoor (open and industrial areas, vehicle fleet garages, depots).


We specialize in solutions based on Motorola / Symbol products.