SNRP VFMS: Passenger Counting


Passenger Counting module monitors passenger flow and records information about number of boardings and alightings in relation to consecutive stops of vehicle's route.


Vehicle load in relation to consecutive stops


People counting devices are installed above each entrance to the vehicle (one for each door) and send information about passenger flow to SNRP Vehicular Unit via LAN.


SNRP VFMS People counting device above entrance to the vehicle


SNRP Vehicular Unit assigns number of "ins" and "outs" to GPS positions, stores them in the on-board computer's internal memory and transmits them to the central server via Communication module. Depending on the selected option, data can be transferred either at the end of the day via short-range communication infrastructure on the depot or live via long-range infrastructure. Data is further processed and can be displayed in the dispatch center on the digital map.

SNRP VFMS: Passenger Counting module

Passenger Counting module is built using state-of-the-art people counting devices using stereo cameras.

We also offer autonomous version of the system with dedicated system controller and communication devices. Read more...