SNRP VFMS: Passenger Information


Passenger Information module is designed to provide passengers with information about public transportation system.
Depending on the requirements, module can be implemented in any configuration of the following options.

Route Information

The basic functionality of the Route Information module is to provide passengers with information about the route and current stop through speakers and LED / LCD panels. Information can be updated even when vehicle is on its route thanks to the Wireless Data Transmission module. The system allows playing back voice messages from the driver, dispatch center or tranport authoritites. The information displayed on the LED / LCD boards can also contain tips about convenient connection transfers or information about traffic jams and such.


LED & LCD panels

Static information sign

This option allows passengers waiting at the stops to be informed about arrivals and departures of vehicles and transfer relations, with a help of LED signs. The device installed at the stop displays the expected time of arrival / departure adjusted by each vehicle's current deviation from the timetable transmitted by radio. The information displayed on the sign may be supplemented with e.g. passenger load of the vehicle (if the vehicle is equipped with a Passenger Counting module), which can help passengers traveling with trolleys or large luggage to plan further journey by choosing proper vehicle with enough empty space inside.


Static Information Sign


Internet Passenger Information

This option gives passengers access to a website with up-to-date information about public transport vehicles departure times or possible traffic congestions in the city. Depending on the existing network infrastructure and governing authorities decisions, passengers may gain access to data such as current GPS positions of each vehicle, its speed, deviation from the timetable or number of passengers currently occupying selected bus, tramway or train (Passenger Counting module).

The application can be prepared in full and simplified variant, designed for use on mobile devices like tablet or smartphone.



                                             Internet Passenger Information Service