SNRP VFMS: Speed Control


The module is used to record and analyze overspeeding of trams or other vehicles in order to improve the safety of passengers, optimizing timetables and facilitating settlements between carriers and drivers.

The system automatically analyzes speeds and positional data of vehicles and creates reports showing drivers who exceeded speed limits with information about number, value, date, time and place of incident. Overspeeding is often the cause of collisions and derailment of tramways, therefore detecting drivers who tend to commonly commit such violations, contributes to safety increase in urban traffic.



Data acquisition


Speed Control - data diagram



Vehicle's speed is measured once per second using the GPS receiver. Collected data is then processed by on-board computer, which filters the results obtained by predefined parameters. Data is transmitted wirelessly (GSM / UHF / WLAN) to a central computer database, where it's stored, and further processed.


Data analysis

Data analysis is performed using the application running in a web browser. The application allows creating summaries for specified month, day or for a chosen driver according to a specified date and time period.